Patient Reviews

“My smile… yes, I have a smile now and it is the best it has ever been. My entire mouth is so very different than when I arrived for my 1st consultation. Its’s like night and day. I have and will continue to recommend others to Dr. Adrio as I feel strongly he is the best in his field. No one could have fixed my issues except for Dr. Adrio. Of this, I am convinced.” –ER

“The results of this care have given me more confidence about the future function and aesthetics of my teeth. I always mention Dr. Adrio when people ask about my treatment and smile!” –AB

“I am no longer embarrassed to smile or to take pictures form my right side. My smile is exactly how I need it to be for confidence in every day interactions. I have recommended Dr. Adrio to several of my friends considering orthodontics.” -CG

“Dr. Adrio is awesome and takes great pride in his work which results in me being extremely excited at the transformation happening.” –JL

“I am astonished at the results. I could only imagine my teeth being straight, now it’s a reality.” –DM

“You can actually see my teeth (after crown lengthening) and my bite has dramatically improved.” JW

“I smile all the time now! My job involves a lot of photos and media interviews. I feel confident in my appearance now.” –AH