Piezosurgery for Orthodontic Treatment

What is Piezosurgery?

Piezosurgery is a minimally invasive periodontal procedure that stimulates the hard tissue surrounding the teeth to; 1.) accelerate new bone growth, 2.) reduce the resistance of the bone between the teeth during orthodontic movement and 3.) enhance the stability of the foundation of bone.  Just like when you get a paper cut on your finger your body sends cells to the area to heal, piezosurgery acts the same. Once the bone has been cut your body sends bone growing cells to the area to heal. We take advantage of these extra cells in the area to move teeth faster through your treatment to build the surrounding foundation more quickly than the traditional time the body allows. This means Dr. Adrio is able to perform this procedure to speed up your orthodontic treatment. 

Benefits of Piezosurgery for Orthodontic Treatment:

Treatment time – Your orthodontic treatment time can be drastically reduced. This procedure can be done with traditional brackets or with aligners. 

Comfort and Healing Time- Piezosurgy is accomplished through micro-cisions that are so small there is no need for suturing and most patients report not even noticing them. The surgery sites on the gum tissue start closing immediately and are typically completely healed within a week or less.  If you fear the trauma associated with drills and burs, piezosurgery eliminates this problem. The procedures completed with piezosurgery technology result in very minimal bleeding and swelling, and extremely minimal post-operative pain or discomfort.