Periodontics in Louisville, KY

Adrio Periodontics

Dr. Rick Adrio is a specialist in both periodontics and orthodontics. He is the only dual-trained periodontist and orthodontist in the region. His combined specialty training and extensive experience, in addition to the many years he practiced general dentistry, make him uniquely qualified to address even the most complex cases.

In a convenient St. Matthews location, patients receive a full range of orthodontic and periodontal services. Dr. Adrio works very closely with general dentists, prosthodontists, and other dental specialists in the Louisville metro area to provide a coordinated, team approach to routine and complex cases.

Periodontist Louisville, KY

Dr. Adrio provides a full range of treatments for gum disease including scaling and root planing, bite adjustment, cosmetic procedures like soft tissue grafting and crown lengthening, periodontal surgery for pocket reduction, guided tissue and bone regeneration, and dental implants. He also diagnoses and treats oral pathology. Periodontal disease, when left unchecked, may result in tooth loss and can be associated with other systemic conditions like heart disease, diabetes and pre-term low birth weight babies, to name a few.

Dr. Adrio performs a comprehensive oral examination and formulates a treatment plan to address your particular needs. Our practice offers a range of payment options and works with you to maximize your insurance reimbursement for covered procedures. Dr. Adrio is available Monday and Wednesday from 8:00AM — 5:00PM and Thursday 8:00AM — 1:00PM. Please call us at 502.895.0474 to schedule an appointment.